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Taylor'd with Grace

Tree Family Ornament

Tree Family Ornament

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These family Christmas tree ornaments turned out so cute!! The back is made of mahogany wood and a grey painted frame is glued on top. a green painted Christmas tree and gold painted star is also glued on top. Ornaments are natural sealed and unpainted wood with engraved names. Ornament includes two wood beads and a green stripe bow. 
please leave names for ornaments in the notes at checkout! 

** The length of the twine will vary slightly.
** The color of the wood pieces may vary slightly.
** The size of the names may vary slightly depending on how long or short they are.
** Bows are all tied by hand. They can be fluffed/adjusted if they arrive slightly crooked/flat due to shipping. Since they are tied by hand there will be some variation to size/shape.

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